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An average day

Posted by tarenath on September 24, 2013 at 8:50 AM

So this is what we did yesterday. I'd say this was a better than average day, plus it's a Monday and we always seem to get the most done on Mondays. My alarm goes off at 7am but I've been awake for a while listening to DH get ready for work. I throw on some clothes and put my hair up, not enough time for a shower this morning. Mighty is already awake and getting dressed, and I prod Mouse out of bed to do the same. Breakfast for them this morning is waffles and I spend most of the morning chasing them around making sure they're ready to take Mighty to school. Somehow I've got into the habit of making Mighty's lunch the night before so I just have to pull that out of the fridge and put it in his bag (hooray!). We are out of the house at 8am to walk down the hill and put Mighty on the school bus. 

Mouse and I come home and the first thing I do is attack the house. The cat has brought in fleas so I'm vacuuming and spraying everything daily to prevent an infestation. I don't have the luxury of leaving the housework right now. It's 10am by the time I finish that and I'm actually able to do anything with Mouse, who has very patiently been playing in her room. 

First up is phonics. She is determined to read and I'm determined to help her. We spend some time with Starfall, as well as looking at different letters, finding things which start with our letter of the day etc. Next I get out my fabric tapemeasure and we have fun measuring different things around the house. Mouse picks the most bizarre and difficult things to measure, including the cat who is less than impressed!. Then we move onto a craft project. We're been doing a lot about how we are linked to other people through our community so we're going to make a helping hands wreath to help demonstrate it. Plus it uses up some of the ridiculous amounts of cardboard that's leftover from our bulk bought food! Mouse has great fun drawing round her hands and I cut them out so she can stick them on our wreath. Once it's dry we're going to hang it up in her room. 

All that work has only taken us about an hour and Mouse asks to watch TV before lunch. I say she can have half an hour but when we turn on the TV Equestria Girls is on, so half an hour quickly becomes an hour. I make lunch at 12:30. I'm partyway through making my own lunch when I realise I haven't checked on our neighbour's dog that I dogsit while they're at work. I rush over there and let him out in the yard so he can go to the bathroom. Once my lunch is finished, it's time for my schoolwork. I've just started a level 2 module with the OU. I spend the afternoon attempting to study. It's warmed up a bit since this morning so Mouse spends the time playing outside with the dog. At about 1:30pm I get a phonecall from the school nurse. Mighty got hit in the face by a swing. After establishing that he's more or less ok and he doesn't need collecting, I get back to work.

Soon enough it's 3pm and time to go get Mighty. His bus is supposed to arrive at 3:18 but has yet to arrive before 3:30. I wander down the hill and get there at 3:20 just as the bus is pulling up. One of our neighbours hasn't arrived yet so I collect her daughter too and walk them both back up the hill. Reminder note: be on time for the bus tomorrow! I ask Mighty how his nose is and he tells me he was pulled off the swing by another child. The nurse didn't tell me any of that!

Once we're home I check through his bag to find homework. Monday is sight words to learn. He already knows them so it takes us less than a minute to run through them and double check, including saying them in a variety of silly accents. Mouse has dance tonight so I get her ready and the kids ask if they can have some computer time. I given them an hour and they spend most of it playing Minecraft. At 5 it's time to take Mouse to dance. I see her into class and settle Mighty with his DS. He's managed to make a mutual friend with the brother of one of the girls in Mouse's class. They have both brought DS's this week and spend the time comparing notes. Who says DS's aren't good for social development?

By the time we get home it's nearly 7pm and dinner is almost ready. Chicken alfredo pasta tonight. After dinner I need to clear up (whoever doesn't cook cleans up!) and make lunches. There's enough pasta leftover for tomorrow's lunch (hooray!). DH spends the time playing with the kids and starts the bedtime routine while I rush around putting away the 2 loads of laundry I somehow managed to get done today. The kids are in bed at 8:30pm and I settle down to relax. My plan to watch sunday's football game is ruined because there's still one more game to play and our subscription still has the previous games blacked out. Grr. So instead I give myself some computer time and play a little Lord of the Rings online. I stumble off to bed at about 10:30pm and settle down to read another chapter of A Game of Thrones before sleep.

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Reply Carol
4:03 PM on October 7, 2013 
I love reading about how other people's days go! So interesting! About after school classes, my daughter (6) does 3 at the moment so I get alot of "socialising" ... I've learned to take a book to 1 of the classes as it is pretty dire!!!
Reply tarenath
8:44 AM on September 26, 2013 
I know what you mean Emma. I find socialising very draining. I tend to take my knitting or my kindle to Mouse's dance classes so I don't have to. I don't mind the football practices so much because I have more in common with the other parents.

I don't know if mine are natural socialisers. Mouse loves being around other kids and doesn't have a problem diving right in but Mighty has needed several years of patience and coaching. He started out not wanting anything to do with other kids, which was fine with me. Then he wanted to join in but didn't know how. I'm just glad we had the option to HE because I dread to think what full time school would have done to him at 4. I don't subscribe to the "Throw them in deep end" method.

As for the laundry. I have no idea how I managed that one. A more normal day is for me to throw it in the machine in the morning then realise at 9pm it's still there and have to rewash it the next day, which is what happened yesterday.
Reply EmmaH
4:56 AM on September 26, 2013 
I'm impressed you got the washing done AND put away on the same day Taraneth!

And yes, Anne, you are lucky. My eldest wants to be out all the time and it can be draining. I don't mind taking them as much as having to chat to all the other mums when we're there!!
Reply Anne B
7:45 AM on September 25, 2013 
Good grief! I'm now realising how lucky I am to have children who don't do clubs and aren't natural socialisers. I don't think I could stand the pace.