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Sometimes, it looks as if I'm planning this

Posted by Anne B on January 7, 2014 at 5:25 AM

Like today, when our project on biomes (types of habitat for those, like me, who hadn't heard of them before) took us to tropical rainforests and what constitutes excessive rainfall and how you define a monsoon.

We work on 2/3 what I want them to do and 1/3 interest related stuff, and, being the nosy and curious pair they are, more often than not they end up working together on their interest-related stuff and coming at it from different angles. So, today Madam is looking at how animals are affected by unexpected heavy rainfall cos some horses had to be rescued in the New Forest and weren't cooperating with the RSPCA and Monster is looking at the mechanics of how a tidal surge works and how much water it takes to swamp a car and float it and what bits of the engine get wrecked and how much that decision to drive through a flood could cost you.

None of which, technically, have anything to do with biomes, which we're doing because Monster will be doing Environmental Science not Geography, which is too people orientated for his liking and I want to do an interesting overview before we get into the subject for an exam.

For me, one of the best things about  home ed is that we have time to wander off and learn because it's interesting not because it's on the syllabus, so we're doing the IGCSE's over a much longer period than school kids do, let alone most home educators so that if anything leads to a question we can sneak off and have a look at it until it stops being interesting.

As they get older, they do more and more of it by themselves, then come and share whatever  they've found with me, so I'm learning as much as they are these days and they're doing what I'd always wanted them to be able to which is knowing where to find information, how to check it to make sure it's reliable and how to relate it to what they already have.

And if that means that a lot of my records are in the form of spider diagrams and that our projects very rarely end up where I thought they would when we started, then that's part of the fun, and thinking of the LA trying to follow their trains of thought when they do their annual reviews of their Statements of Special Educational Need is pretty fun too. I even enjoy sending them copies of all the certificates they've acquired during this year, which, this year, include them having flown the TARDIS. Which, obviously, is going to be very useful in the future, but I do feel I ought to warn the Daleks and Cybermen that they're coming so they have time to run away!

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