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To Blog or Not ... You Decide

Posted by Mandy on February 2, 2014 at 10:00 AM

To Blog or Not …. You Decide

I hate blogs and yet I am considering setting up one of my own. Often, I find myself thinking that HE has turned my life and views upside down. My hubby was reflecting on it recently, saying “You’re turning into your worst nightmare” whilst I pinned up a list of things to do for him on the fridge. I was never going to be one of those obsessively organised (and sorry, bossy) women. Here I am though, so, I think what I am trying to say is, life has changed and I have changed. I’m not one of those women who could say that I am happy one of my children has SEN and I wouldn’t want him to be NT because I embrace every day with a different attitude (and they do exist, I read an article on Parentdish over Christmas and I have to say, it depressed me thoroughly). I would say that I can’t believe that mums don’t realise HE is an option, it’s like a BIG secret and once you know (and when I say know, I mean really know by joining a group and listening in), you can’t go back. A little knowledge is dangerous after all  and I still get those little looks from my Mum, which say “Darling, you have become a bit odd”. Thankfully, as she goes to some HE groups with me, she has begun to realise that I am not consorting with aliens.

My second child, a little boy of 2 years, is thriving by just being in the same room with us while we learn. He joins in with activities and is flourishing. For him, school could work and I’m not anti-school, I’m pro choice. I would struggle to see a situation where I would send him full time to school though, when he could benefit from 1x1 attention, tailored learning and the joy of embracing the outdoors as part of his learning.

So, where was I? Ah, to blog or not to blog. As I add a bit of structure to our HE lives, I wonder at whether a blog would help me or give others an insight into what we do. Does being part of this world mean we automatically share our world and thoughts? I met a mum online, asking for tips as she was prepping to start HE in September. I couldn’t help myself from starting to write a reply (even if I didn’t have time for it). Now, maybe I understand, being a HE mum makes me a better person, because I now share my world with those outside my immediate circle and try to make it better for them as well as me. It reminds me of a Church sermon once, where the Priest talked about not being able to be a proper Christian by sitting and praying at home and on our own … you needed to worship at church, become part of the community and share your beliefs.

And what about names, what would I lovingly call my boys in this anonymised world? I love and am inspired by Monster and Mighty, so what would have the right ring and fit in with their personalities? For the eldest (5 year old boy), whirlwind or tornado comes to mind but he has a softer side too. He has a nickname, it may be recognisable though. His love of pizza and chocolate provides no answers. So I alight on Captain, a little boy who feels his parents are running round obeying his orders (without him even needing to speak), he is in charge and is keeping us and his territory in order. His 2 year old brother, must be Commander, clearly from a different division yet exerting authority of his own and sneakily taking charge of many of his brother’s military assets (toys).

Well, big decisions made, I guess I can relax for the rest of this Sunday afternoon. I’m not sure if this foray into the blog world has served any purpose. It’s neither educational, nor enlightening and I hope I haven’t offended anyone along the way.

Best Wishes from a wannabe blogger


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Reply sarahl
4:47 PM on February 3, 2014 
Thank you Mandy. I kept a private blog for several years and still feel self conscious about it sometimes, particularly when going through a good spell (oh no have I turned into one of those smug bloggers is my fear )

Yes I think I did say that. Good reminder, you may have just stopped me doing something I would probably come to regret ;)
Reply Mandy
2:42 PM on February 3, 2014 
Anne B says...
I am a failed blogger, Mandy. Last year I set myself a challenge of blogging here once a fortnight and found it didn't work for me.

So why not start here? If it works for you, you can cut and paste and set up a blog, if it doesn't then you haven't failed because you haven't committed yourself to doing anything...

Hi Anne

That is such a lovely and kind suggestion.

I would love to do that and hope you will all let me know if it is rubbish :-)

Thanks Mandy
Reply Anne B
1:29 PM on February 3, 2014 
I am a failed blogger, Mandy. Last year I set myself a challenge of blogging here once a fortnight and found it didn't work for me.

So why not start here? If it works for you, you can cut and paste and set up a blog, if it doesn't then you haven't failed because you haven't committed yourself to doing anything...
Reply Mandy
1:01 PM on February 3, 2014 
Hi Sarah

On helping others, I actually read something sensible on someone else's blog (it may have been yours) that said sometimes it's important to remember we are not HE volunteers and our principal responsibility is to our child/ren. I am already finding helping others addictive and recently wrote out a few paragraphs on our HE approach so I could just forward it to anyone that was interested with little effort required on my part to come up with bespoke responses.

I can see the practical benefits of keeping a blog too although I am really self-conscious about what I write and whether it is any good. So maybe I'll start with a private blog (for my eyes only) until I've got the confidence to put myself out there. In the meantime, I'm learning lots from others, including you :-)
Reply Mandy
11:54 AM on February 3, 2014 
Hi Karen

Thanks a lot for your comments. As I haven't written a blog post before, I wasn't sure if I had just written down a load of rubbish lol.

I feel like I am more questioning of life too. Best Wishes, Mandy
Reply sarahl
11:49 AM on February 3, 2014 
I also know exactly what you mean about helping others, I try to make the time to talk to as many newcomers as possible. Home ed is scary I think having been helped by others when I set out I look to do the same for others.

As for blogging, I know what you mean about not liking blogs. Yet I am a blogger. I find it so useful - I don't like having to have an 'end product' to show learning has occurred so my blog is my proof to myself and anyone who questions that we do loads. It also makes me aware when we aren't doing loads and we've slipped into lazy habits and it might sound awful doing something so we have something to blog but sometimes it is the kick up the bum I need.
Reply Karen
9:07 AM on February 3, 2014 
Well, I certainly enjoyed reading your blog post.

I know what you mean about the compulsion to try and help somebody else just starting. My trouble is I can't keep up the pace of what I would LIKE to do on that front. I do like to spread the word about HE whenever possible though so chat happily about it to anybody who stands still too long in the wrong place.

I hope you will enjoy your HE and all that comes with it. I know I am a lot more questioning of the usual route through life because of it. I'm probably more stroppy too if the truth be told.

Thanks for posting.