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Raindrops keep falling...

Posted by Anne B on February 6, 2014 at 11:50 AM

I suppose I should have worked out something was coming when the restuarant/softplay/ice rink complex in our beloved park was refurbished and rechristened the Ark, but I clung to the belief that this weather was just a passing few days.

Well, it isn't. We seem to have a choice between strong winds, torrential rain and strong winds and torrential rain, which is pretty tough on a young man who needs outdoor time if he's to be able to control himself.

Luckily, I have the essentials for a home educator. Armed with a long waterproof coat and wellies with fleecy lambskin insoles we go out anyway and are doing lots of practical work on monsoons and flood plains.

But I really outdid myself the day before yesterday. The theme of the day for Monster's engineering project was about the effects of uncontrolled lightning. (Janice VanCleave's Engineering for Every Kid if you're interested. Nice balance of text and practical experiments that don't need expensive stuff.)

So, I was looking for some stuff on lightning strikes when we discovered that the bridge across our harbour had been struck by lightning. And so had a local supermarket, and a big bank. Intrepidly, we pulled on coats and wellies and went and had a look and diverted into town planning (as in how quickly traffic builds up.)

And it struck me yet again how lucky we are to be able to do this rather than being tied to a curriculum, and what an interesting place the world is. Any question could take us somewhere unexpected (and regularly does!) and yet it all ties together amazingly often when you do come to formal book work.

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Reply Anne B
6:31 AM on February 10, 2014 
Have you got a local paper, Mandy? Cos some of our best finds come from keeping an eye on the headlines. Obviously, unless the flooding gets a lot worse you mayn't get many visiting warships in Hertfordshire but it's surprising what you can see if you're flexible.
Reply Mandy
8:51 AM on February 9, 2014 
Anne that sounds terrific, I only wish our own plans were heading in the same direction as Captain needs the outdoor time too.

A few days ago, we found ourselves traipising around a zoo, searching for their new dinosaur outdoor sculptures amid chilling winds and lots of mud. We finally located them far off in the distance, locked off from the rest of the zoo, requiring us to find a zoo employee or return to the zoo front desk to get access. Suffice to say, we made do with our binocular view rather than do an hour's worth of round trip. The zoo employees were no doubt quite sensibly hidind indoors.

My sister persevered yesterday and took Captain out to our local lake to feed the ducks. Returning a few hours later, they were covered in mud from the knees down. We are finding it tough to find nice things to do outdoors when it's so wet and windy, and we're only in Hertfordshire!
Reply Karen
3:22 PM on February 8, 2014 
Sounds like work right up Monster's street, Anne. He also probably thought it quite right that it should be planned for his convenience. It would be helpful if life worked out like this more often. Not the awful weather but the convenient practicals being done for us.