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Who Goes There?

Posted by Anne B on February 24, 2014 at 12:10 PM

Okay, it's a little over a fortnight, but you weren't counting, were you? Or maybe I'll amend the resolution to twice a month, which is a little bit woollier...

So, anyway, here I am, on a break from finding Dr Who quotations for Monster to use as copywork and Madam to use as starting points for discursive essays, which she needs more practice on pre IGCSE English.

I deliberately introduced Madam and Monster to Dr Who after meeting some very nice Daleks. (As you do. Oh, you don't? Ah well, I always knew we were different...) It struck me that these were people that they'd feel at home with. Who had the same love of detail, the same ability to watch the same thing again and again and argue over tiny points. And most universities have science fiction societies so it'd be a way to meet like minded people...

This is one of the things about having children with complex needs. You have to facilitate so much that other parents take for granted. (sorry about all the jargon!) Things like socialising, which starts with working out how much socialising is the right amount...

Now this is a fun question. I strongly recommend asking it of anyone who asks the eternal HE question 'But what about socialising?" It's quite entertaining seeing them trying to come up with an answer...

For me, it's got two strands. One, to have people they like seeing and who like seeing them even when they're at their worst, and the other way round. The other is to be able to cope with the world even when it is really seriously daft and illogical. I started with the coping with the world bit when they didn't have the socialising bit because it at least meant that I could go out, and focused on getting them happy to be out and about and doing things. Which in turn took us to meet knights in shining armour (gorgeous) Medieval falconers (even more gorgeous, particularly on horseback) Vikings (some fairly gorgeous ones.) Napoleonic soldiers (great if you liked Sharpe) Second World War Home Guard... and square dancing Daleks. Oh, and I forgot the tournament knights trying to knock the cuddly toy dragons off each others helmets. Can't see how.

Summer, for us, means a muddy field or hillside with people beating each other up. And hog roast. And seeing friends. And being friends... And it's coming! No matter what it feels like at the moment, it is coming and then we'll be back to time travelling.

See, all this does have a theme, no matter what it feels like, and the underlying theme is that I wish I could borrow a TARDIS and go back in time seven years and meet the me who was just starting HE and tell her that it would all be all right. They would have friends. We would have a good life that suited us. They would learn... I didn't need to buy those CGP workbooks...

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1 Comment

Reply Mandy
3:25 PM on February 25, 2014 
Hi Anne

My mind has raced through daleks to gorgeous knights, broad-shouldered, handsome Vikings and the lean, authoritative officers of the past .... socialising does have its upsides.

On a serious note, we are really looking forward to summer and all the opportunities it offers. On going back in your tardis, well you may not be able to offer that insight and hope to your earlier self. However, I am so glad that you are able to offer them to us because actually, they are priceless.

Thanks, Mandy