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Curriculum Links


Science Links

Real Science 4 Kids, biology, chemistry & physics with extras. Some is available for download & they are very helpful if you email!

Free curriculum and then option to buy further. This is a good freebie!

Full curriculum, different levels, fairly advanced

Will give discount to He'ers. Check content re: human reproduction, the junior version may be more suitable.

Lots of free resources for all KSs

All about cooking

Evolution site

Lots of energy info

Woodland Trust Nature Club for kids. Lots of free activties

Everything a child could ask about a brain. Includes how to make a model brain out of playdough and games

Videos for the periodic table

Robert Krampf

Growing potatoes

Yucky science


Kits to buy from the U.S

Exploring Nature

IGCSE's in Biology and Chemistry

Chemistry guide

Physic's film demonstrations

Chemistry for Kids

Practicals, worksheets etc for GCSE and A level Chemistry



Interactive science and engineering for 9-11 year olds

Physics for kids

Human Body Online

Kids biology


Studying Owl Pellets

Extreme Science

Cool Science


Exploring Leonardo

Geology for Kids

How Stuff Works

Interactive Volcanoes

Free online kids astronomy courses

Science Made Simple

Cosmos For Kids

Astronomy picture of the day

Constellations and their stars

Weather in space

Kids weather

Experiments with sweets

Chemistry courses, among other things

Science site.